Friday, March 2, 2012

Buy Delicious Cupcakes To Support The Isabella Orsini Education Fund

On February 5th, 26 year old, Michael Orsini, was the victim of a fatal hit and run.  While riding his motorcycle, he was struck by an intoxicated driver and placed on life support, passing in the early morning of February 7, 2012.
Along with being survived by family, Mike left behind his 9 month old daughter, Isabella Orsini and his partner, Amanda King.

In remembrance of Michael, all profits made by Bella Dolce Passione will be donated to the Isabella Orsini Education Fund untill March 11, 2012.
Check out Bella Dolce Passione's Facebook Fan Page to see all their delicious flavors of cupcakes as well as to find out how to place an order.
Specializing in all treats that are easily edible!

$20 a dozen, 2 dozen for $30 and an addition $10 for every dozen after:

• Mint Chocolate (Topped with an Andes Mint)
• Chocolate Peanut Butter (Topped with a Mini Reese’s)
• Heath Bar Crunch
• Caramel with Chocolate Buttercream and Drizzled Caramel on top
• Cotton Candy
• Red Velvet with Cream Cheese Icing
• Chocolate Chip Filled with Strawberry Preserves with Strawberry Icing
• Cappuccino with Chocolate Buttercream
• Neapolitan (Chocolate & Strawberry Cupcake with Vanilla Buttercream)
• Mocha-Caramel Cappuccino
• Carrot Cake
• Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough (Topped with a mini Chocolate Chip Cookie)
• Cookies and Cream (Oreo on the bottom of the cupcake, with crushed Oreo’s in the white cake batter, Vanilla Buttercream and topped with a mini Oreo)
• Skittles Cupcakes (NEW)

$25 a dozen, 2 dozen for $40 and an addition $15 for every dozen after:
• French Vanilla with Frangelico Buttercream
• French Vanilla with Raspberry Liquor Buttercream
• Pink Champagne
• Orange Creamsicle (Orange Soda Cupcake with Whipped Vodka Buttercream)
• Chocolate Covered Pretzel (Based off of the Shot – Frangelico infused cupcake with
Whipped Vodka Icing and a sprinkle of salt, topped with a chocolate covered pretzel)
• Chocolate Covered Strawberry (Whipped Vodka Buttercream – Topped with a Chocolate Covered Strawberry)
• Maple Bacon
• SoCo Lime

There will be an additional fee for any orders requesting less than 1/2 a dozen of one specific type of cupcake.

Brownie Bites
• Rocky Road
• Peanut Butter Filled
• Strawberry Filled
• Caramel Filled
• Black Forest

For options and orders, please email us at:

If you have any questions at all, please contact Conicelli Sales and Leasing Consultant, Michael Shulski, at 610.828.1400 ext. 2611.

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