Tuesday, May 31, 2011

2011 Toyota Sienna with Factory-Installed Auto Access Seat at Conicelli Toyota

Toyota is the first automaker in North America to offer a factory-installed, rotating, power ascending/descending lift-up seat. Designed internally, the Auto Access Seat will offer a new level of comfort and convenience to anyone who may need assistance getting in or out of a vehicle.
Factory installed at the Toyota Motor Manufacturing, Indiana (TMMI) assembly plant, the Auto Access Seat offers consumers a seamless purchase-process alternative to the current aftermarket installation method, which requires the consumer to purchase their vehicle and then have it modified by an aftermarket supplier.

The Sienna minivan equipped with the Auto Access Seat will offer a much needed transportation solution for the caregivers of an elderly parent or spouse with a walking disability, a disabled veteran, or for the parents of a child with a disability.

The Auto Access Seat features one-touch operation and benefits from the all-new Sienna's spacious interior and wide-opening sliding doors. A seat-mounted ingress/egress switch and a wireless remote control allows for easy and flexible seat operation. The seat rotates 90 degrees and can be lowered to within 19 inches of the ground to further facilitate easier passenger transfers at the exact height required.

Once inside, the Auto Access Seat occupant can utilize reclining and slide switches located on both sides of the seat. This allows operation of up to four inches of slide travel and reclining of up to 24 degrees. The auto-recline feature also allows for safe head clearance through the door frame during entry and exit. The compact design of the seat also provides ample legroom for third-row passengers.
The Auto Access Seat is equipped with a number of safety attributes, including an audible beep when the seat is in operation, and a park-shift interlock feature that prevents seat operation if the vehicle is not in the "Park" position. A sliding door sensor allows the seat to operate only when the sliding door is completely open. Two audible beeps will warn the user of a partially open sliding-door condition, or if the seat is not fully stowed when the door close button is pressed. A manual retraction function allows the seat to be retracted fully in the event of a vehicle power failure.
The Auto Access Seat also features obstruction-detection programming, which notifies the operator with two audible beeps and halts seat operation. The seat will retract when an obstruction is met to facilitate easier removal of the object.

Additional safety features include Lower Anchors and Tethers for Children (LATCH) to properly secure any iso-fix style child safety seat. The Auto Access Seat meets all Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS).
The Auto Access Seat will be available on Sienna LE and XLE models. The seat fabric matches the vehicle interior fabric and has a stain- and odor-resistant treatment. The seat is vinyl trimmed on the XLE model to better match the XLE grade interior style and allows for easier passenger transfer.

Consumers will benefit from Toyota quality, durability, and reliability with the new Auto Access Seat system. The seat-operating mechanism is link-driven, allowing enhanced durability and a more quiet operation than chain-driven systems. The Auto Access Seat has a lift capacity of up to 330 lbs., making it useful for people of all sizes or those who carry specialized medical equipment. Owners will also enjoy the convenience of having the seat system serviced at Conicelli Toyota, which comes with a comprehensive three-year/36,000 mile factory warranty.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

$1000 Camry Cash Back Effective Today Through Memorial Weekend Sales Event!

Central Atlantic Toyota just notified Conicelli that Toyota is offering a $1000 cash back incentive enhancement on Camrys (non-hybrids).   Customers have the option to take the $1000 cash back or 0% for 60 months.  These offers are effective today through May 31st.
Check out Conicellitoyotaconshocken.com and Conicellitoyotaofspringfield.com for other great incentives going on this Memorial Day weekend.
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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Memorial Weekend Specials At Conicelli Autoplex

The first official weekend of summer is a few days away and a bright and sunny Memorial weekend is in the forecast. This is the perfect time to come in and test-drive that car that youve had your eye on for some time now. Whether youre looking for a Toyota, Honda, Nissan, Hyundai, Scion or certified pre-owned vehicle, Conicelli Autoplex has it all. This Memorial weekend, we are open 9-9 on Friday, 9-6 on Saturday, and 9-6 Monday.
Some weekend door busters are the unbelievable lease programs and 0% financing on select models for a limited term all across the board. Some of the best that we've ever seen!!
With all the great customer cash rebates going on this weekend, its a no brainer to come in to Conicelli's on your day off this Memorial Day weekend.
For complete details, visit us on the Web at Conicelli.com.  You can also check us out on Facebook and Youtube.com/123Conicelli.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Vehicle Air Filter Maintenance is Easy and Can Save You Gas!!

Did you know that a dirty or clogged air filter could alter your vehicle's gas mileage by up to 10%? Or that an air  filter left unchanged can lead to poor acceleration and engine performance?  Vehicle air filter maintenance is easy and only takes a couple minutes to learn more: 
   Dirty Air Filters
Let your vehicle breathe! Dirty air filters can prevent the engine from breathing properly, which can decrease fuel mileage and makes the engine work harder than it needs to.
Cabin Air Filters
A dirty cabin air filter reduces the airflow through the vehicle's ventilation system. A cabin air filter keeps pollens, fumes, smoke and other materials from reaching the inside of the vehicle.

   Air Filter Replacement
Your vehicle's air filters, including cabin filters, should be changed every 15,000 miles or once a year or when showing signs of wear. This change should happen more often if you typically drive in dusty conditions or whenever heating or cooling efficiency is reduced.

For further information about your vehicle's air filters or to schedule an appointment, please contact our Conicelli Service Department
at 610-828-1400 or Honda Service Manager, Frank Boyle, at 

Friday, May 13, 2011

Hyundai Assurance Trade-In Value Guarantee at Conicelli Hyundai

Purchasing a new vehicle is one of life's big events. You want to know everything you can about the true value of your options. But at the time of purchase, how can you know the future trade-in value of the vehicle you are considering?

Introducing the Hyundai Assurance Trade-In Value Guarantee. A program that future-proofs the value of your new Hyundai by guaranteeing today exactly how much it will be worth, two, three, or four years from now.

At the time of purchase, customers will be provided with an assessment of the vehicle's future value for months 24 through 48, based on an independent source. This is the guaranteed value.

When customers return to purchase a new Hyundai during months 24 through 48 of ownership, they can trade-in their qualifying vehicle towards the purchase of a new Hyundai vehicle.

At the time of trade-in, the customer's vehicle will be assessed to determine the current market value. This current market value will then be compared to the guaranteed value. - If the vehicle is worth less than what we guaranteed, the customer will receive the higher guaranteed trade-in value amount, less any applicable mileage charges or damage costs. - If the vehicle is worth more than what we guaranteed, the customer will receive the higher amount. Win-Win.

The higher of either the guaranteed value or the current market value can be applied to the purchase of a new Hyundai. The guaranteed value must be applied towards the purchase of a new Hyundai financed through Hyundai Motor Finance (HMF) and only when a customer shows proof of all required vehicle maintenance at Conicelli Hyundai. For more info, check out Conicellihyundai.com.

Friday, May 6, 2011

New Conicelli Website Showcases High-Mpg Cars Just In Time for Summer Travel and High Gas Prices

Conicelli Autoplex announces the unveiling of a unique web site devoted to hybrids and fuel-efficient vehicles from HondaHyundai,NissanScion, and Toyota.
High-MPG.com has been created to help customers shop for the most economical cars in the most efficient way by contrasting more than 30 models that get over 30 miles per gallon (30 MPG) on the highway.
The many brands and models of thrifty cars shown on High-MPG.com reflect the unique Conicelli car-buying experience. Conicelli has new and used car dealerships for Honda, Hyundai, Nissan, Scion, and Toyota. "Unlike most multi-brand dealerships, our customers can be served start-to-finish by a single salesperson, no matter which make or model of vehicle they wish to see or test drive," says Lori Hammond, Conicelli's Internet Director of Sales.
Hammond adds, "When it comes to fuel-efficient cars, we're not only about one-stop shopping; we're known for first-stop shopping. We are proud of our philosophy and commitment to customer service."
Hammond notes that technology and government regulation bring greater fuel efficiency to the auto marketplace every year. "When you think of getting over 30 miles per gallon, you have to remember that these are no longer sub-compacts alone. There are also roomy SUVs like Toyota's Highlander hybrid, family cruisers like the Honda Accord, Hyundai Sonata, and Nissan Altima.
Conicelli Autoplex is located at 1200 Ridge Pike in Conshohocken, PA 19428 (Google Maps link). Further information is available from Lori Hammond, Internet Director of Sales, at 610-828-1400 ext. 1208 or by email at lhammond@conicelliautoplex.com.

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