Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Camry Effect

The Toyota Camry has been in the United States the past thirty years and in those years, people have created hundreds of thousands of memories with their Camry.
Toyota is looking for Camry owners new and old to tell them about how the Camry has changed their life.
Toyota has created the “Camry Effect,” an online community on their website for people to post their stories about how the Camry has affected their life.
From road trips, to going to college, to first dates, Camry has been there to make memories with drivers and passengers.  Toyota wants to put all of these memories together for the world to see how much impact the Camry has had on owners.
The interactive Camry Effect site takes users through a set of questions about the experience with their Camry.  At the end of each question, users can see statistics on how their answer stacks up to other Camry owners.  Questions vary from what color their Camry is, the year, if they still own it, and so much more.  At the end, drivers can post a picture of their Camry and write their story about their favorite memory with their Camry.
Past and present owners are invited to visit: http://toyota.com/camryeffect/dealer/add6c984ee836a26d2926736d2584eda to post their own experience as well as see other Camry owner’s experiences.
The Camry Effect allows old and new Camry owners to come together and share in on the one thing that unites them all, the love of their Camry.

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