Thursday, August 5, 2010

Why Buy Gen Y?

Generation Y - A label attributed to people born during the 1980s and early 1990s.

Are Generation Y new vehicle buyers really different from the older generations? The youngest vehicle buyers in the market are very different when vehicle selection reasons are considered. With over 70 million prospective new car buyers in the Generation Y population, they are rivaling the Baby Boomer generation as a source of sales. Being three times the size of Generation X (1961 to 1981), they are the biggest thing to hit the American scene since the 72 million baby boomers.

“This is the first generation to come along that's big enough to hurt a boomer brand simply by giving it the cold shoulder.” - Ellen Neuborne

Many young people are graduating from college and unable to find a job and in student loan debt. That is why it is important to take advantage of such programs built around the fallen economy such as Hyundai’s Assurance Program and the $1000 College Grad Rebate Program at Toyota. In this day in age, affordability and durability are the two most important things for this generation.

''Most marketers perceive them as kids. When you do that, you fail to take in what they are telling you about the consumers they're becoming,'' says J. Walker Smith, a managing partner at Yankelovich Partners Inc. who specializes in generational marketing. ''This is not about teenage marketing. It's about the coming of age of a generation.''

Reasons for Gen Y to Purchase Cars from Conicelli:
- College Grad Rebate Program (Toyota: $1,000, Nissan: $500, Hyundai: $400
- Automatic approval at Honda with rates as low as 0.9% for College grads.
- Building a line of credit when financing
- Have cars that are targeted towards fuel efficiency and sleek look
- Hyundai’s Assurance Program (if you lose your job within 1 year of purchase, they will let you return it)
- 350+ used vehicles. Used cars are the target market for Gen Y Car Buyers.
- Special finance for people that have low or no credit.

Please call Michael Hammond Jr. at 484-429-3833 or email if you have any questions on a vehicle or want to set up an appointment for a test drive!

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