Monday, August 16, 2010

A Bear Steals a Toyota Corolla!!!

Having food in your car is usually a bad idea, as leaving your lunch on the seat can make the whole interior stink, or, even worse, attract bears. One Colorado teen recently learned this lesson the hardest way possible, as a peanut butter sandwich left on his back seat attracted a black bear with the unusual skill of grand theft auto.

Police estimate that the bear was searching out a midnight snack and opened the door of this kid's unlocked Toyota Corolla on his own and entered the vehicle. When the door somehow closed on its own, the bear went from Yogi looking for a pic-a-nick basket to something out of the Exorcist. At some point during the bear's desctruction of the Corolla's interior, the transmission made its way out of Park, sending the sedan and it's assuredly un-licensed driver rolling down the driveway and into the woods. There's no explanation of how the bear eventually exited the Corolla, but we do know he left behind a large steaming present on the driver seat.


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