Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Conicelli's Kinda-Silly Facts: Bam Margera BAMobile Giveaway in '05

During the Summer of 2005, Conicelli Autoplex and Wired 96.5 collaborated to host a promotional contest involving Bam Margera and his family. There were 50 keys won all summer at different events and concerts. The winner of the contest was at an end of summer blowout event at Conicelli's were every contestant with a key got the opportunity to start the “BAMobile”. The lucky key that started the vehicle was then awarded to the key holder.

The twist was when the winner decided to make a conservative decision for the sake of his family and traded in his “BAMobile” for a new Toyota Sienna. Shortly after the event, MTV purchased the vehicle from Conicelli’s and used it in “Jack@$$ the Movie”.

Check out the YouTube Video above to see an event that was held that summer at La Costa in Sea Isle City, NJ with the Margera family.


  1. You should do something like this again! This looks like it was a lot of fun!!

  2. OMG!! Why would that guy staple that paper to him and intentionally squirt pepperspray in his eyes?

  3. The contest at LaCasta was along the lines of who would do the most "Jackass" stunt. He stapled the event advertisment to his stomach and really wanted to win the key I guess.


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