Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Conicelli Toyota donates a total of $20,000 including a matching grant from the Toyota Dealer Match Program to the Plymouth Police Department in honor of Officer Bradley Fox's and his police dog, Nick.

We are so deeply heartbroken of the loss of Officer Bradley Fox and we really wanted to do something for his family. Conicelli Autoplex and Carriage Trade Auto Auction employees got together and donated $5000 to Mrs. Fox and her children. We were honored to present her with this donation in December of 2012.

Dom Conicelli, Sr. then decided it might be a great help to the police department to replace Nick, Officer Fox's police dog. Nick retired last November and headed to Gilbertsville to live with Fox’s widow, Lynsay, and her children. Surely they will be big paw prints to fill.

Plymouth Township Council Chairman Sheldon Simpson with Dom Conicelli, Jr., Donna Conicelli, Lori Conicelli-Hammond, Dom Conicelli, Sr., and Michael Hammond, the management team at Conicelli Autoplex in Conshohocken.
Toyota has a program called the Dealer Match Program, which we have been involved with for years. We decided to make this one of our donations, in conjunction with Toyota's program. At the Plymouth Township Council meeting Monday, January 14, 2012, the Conicelli family presented a check for $20,000 to police Chief Joseph Lawrence.

Link to Video of presentation:

“It will cost approximately $9,000 for the dog himself, and then when you throw in six months’ worth of training, equipment and material that’s needed, you’re talking about a cost to the department that’s closer to $50,000,” Lawrence said. “When you talk about man-hours and pay, it’s a great expense to get a dog.”

We support Plymouth Township and the Police Department wholeheartedly. We appreciate all they do for our community and look forward to continuing our support in the future.

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