Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Conicelli Autoplex and Mr. Nice Guy Magnet Recover a Customer's Stolen Hyundai Sonata

What a great story, especially during the Holiday Season.  Conicelli Autoplex has an ongoing contest where our customers put a Mr. Nice Guy magnet on the back of their car and if one of our management team "Spys a Mr. Nice Guy magnet" on your car, you win a $20 gift card and are registered for one or our big contests we have running twice a year.  In the summer months we give away a week at a Sea Isle City Beach front home.   To see our previous contest winners click here.

Our Mr. Nice Guy Magnet
At the Holiday Season we give away $1000 Holiday cash to one lucky winner, $350 to second place, and $150 to our third place winner. 

This year we had a really amazing thing happen.  We spied a Mr. Nice Guy magnet in Norristown and I called Margaret L. and told her we spied her Hyundai Sonata with the our magnet on it. She said the that her car was stolen three days ago.  I said, really?  We just spied it yesterday so I can find out where we saw it and you can call the police and maybe get your Sonata back.  She was thrilled! She said she loves the vehicle.  I did find out where is was and she called the police.  They went and recovered her stolen vehicle.

Lori Conicelli-Hammond, Donna Conicelli and Margaret L.
Video of Margaret's Story

She was so excited and happy to have her Hyundai back.  It did have some minor damage, but she got it fixed and now is back driving her car for the Holiday Season.  We were shocked that our Mr. Nice Guy Magnet could help in this way and we were so excited to help Margaret get her car back.

Margaret is a loyal service customer of Conicelli Hyundai and enjoys our friendly service staff.

If you would like a Mr. Nice Guy Magnet for your car, please click here and request us to mail you one or you can pick one up at any Conicelli locations in Conshohocken near Philadelphia PA.  Or call us at 1-888-CONICELLI (888-266-4235).

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