Friday, December 9, 2011

Toyotathon Shareathon: Toyota Is Offering $1000 for Tweeting

The holidays are a time for sharing. So this year, from December 12-21, Toyota is rewarding those who use social media to do just that—share.

If you get a new Toyota during the program and Tweet a simple pre-canned message to your followers, you get a certificate for a prepaid debit card worth $500.
But that’s literally just the beginning!

Beginning at 11:00 a.m. EST on each day of the program, certificates will be available to the first 140 people who register on the site and tweet about their plans to get a new Toyota during Toyotathon. After the new vehicle is purchased, each participant will need his or her unique coupon code and VIN to receive the prepaid debit card. Participants must submit for redemption no later than Jan. 31, 2012.
Within 48 hoursof your tweet, each retweet of your message earns you an additional $50 on your debit card. You can earn a maximum of $1,000 this way. What’s in it for retweeters? Well, as a thanks for helping spread the word and earning others money, those people are also entered for a chance to win a new Prius.
The coolest part of all this is that users can come to the site and see the journey of their tweet—as well as others’—through an interactive visualization reminiscent of a galaxy or solar system. Each dot on the graph represents a retweet, and a detailed view even distinguishes between original retweets versus “second-generation” retweets.

On the site, people can also track their progress and see how much their debit card is currently worth.

This year’s Shareathon turns everyday social media behavior (i.e., the sharing and spreading of information) into something with mega rewards.
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