Thursday, April 7, 2011

Biggest Dodgeball Game EVER [in Philly] a BIG SUCCESS!

Conicelli sponsored "The Biggest Dodgeball Game Ever (In Philly)" this past Saturday, April 2nd at the Wells Fargo Center. Michael and Jonathan Hammond helped ref the dodgeball games while catching some good video footage of on-the-court action as well. 

Life Unchained was the organization that put this event together to raise money for their "dream projects".  They  provide up to $2,000 in seed funding per dream project.  Check out to find out more about this organization.
There are a lot of awesome events coming up that Life Unchained is putting together.  One is "Battle Royale" which takes place July 30th at the Kendrick Rec Center in Roxborough.  Imagine the biggest water gun fight you've ever been involved in.  Where the last man or woman standing wins a rediculously large-scale prize-and you have Battle Royale in a nutshell.  Participants will vie off in groups of 50 until just one incredible water gun aficionado remains.  Add in water balloon dodgeball, a slip and slide, bands, entertainment, and more.  Check Life Unchained out on Facebook for more information.
Please go to for all the footage from this event!

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