Friday, January 21, 2011

Conicelli Toyota Celebrates for being the #1 Volume Dealership in Pennsylvania

Conicelli Toyota and Conicelli Toyota Certified Pre-Owned celebrated at Great American Pub in Conshohocken on Saturday for their awards for #1 Volume Dealership in Pennsylvania for 2010.  The night was filled with all the employees that helped earn this great accomplishment.

There was a DJ, buffet, and prizes awarded to the salespeople.  Conicelli’s version of “Let’s Make a Deal” took place later on in the night.  The salespeople were all given a wrapped present. Vice President, Michael Hammond and CEO, Dominic Conicelli, took turns offering salespeople money to give up their gifts.  There were all inclusive Super Bowl trips, big screen TVs, iPads, etc given out during the game.
This is one of the many videos that were shown during the party.  Internet Marketing Manager, Michael Hammond Jr., created funny videos using Toyota salespeople and managers.

The Conicelli family wants to thank everyone that purchased a vehicle from our dealerships.  We couldn’t have had this party and won this award if it wasn’t for our wonderful staff and great customers!

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