Friday, December 17, 2010

Conicelli Donates to Operation Bedding for the Troops Overseas

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Mary Conboy founded “Operation Bedding” after her son Adam was killed in Iraq in 2006.  The organization has already shipped 13-thousand boxes of hygiene supplies.

Now, Conboy and her volunteers have filled a thousand stockings for his unit, but can’t come up with the money to send them.

“We find ourselves in a situation with a backlog of supplies, which really breaks my heart because they sit on my shelf because I can’t get them over there and they desperately need them” Conboy said.

Conicelli agreed to pay for the shipping of these supplies.  Please call Michael Hammond Jr. at 484-429-3833 if you would like to help package the supplies.  He will be there as well as Channel 10 at 6210 Ridge Ave. in Philadelphia Monday morning from 5-7 am.  

A Marine's Last Request...
Operation Bedding came to be after a Sunday morning phone call from my son Adam, who at the time was serving in Iraq in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom. He requested some basic supplies which included pillows. He said "whatever you send make sure it is in the amount of forty". He wanted to insure that his comrades have the same comforts that he did. He laughed at my response and said "get Operation Bedding going Mom" That Friday Adam was killed. Without realizing it Adam had inspired his own Memorial Fund.

Each week week, Operation Bedding sends out a variety of supplies on average about six to ten cases. Items that need to be replaced often are baby wipes. They are used often due to the extreme heat and limited bathroom conditions. Powdered drink mixes are another item we have a hard time keeping up with. The most requested kind is Gatorade. To keep them from dehydrating due to the high temperatures, the troops are required to drink a certain amount of water each day. They said it's much easier to do if it's flavored and Gatorade contains much needed electrolytes. However, the most appreciated item was a shipment of new pillows. Something so simple meant so much to the marines. One marine told me it was like Christmas morning when the boxes came in! They are thankful for every item sent especially letters from strangers. Just knowing that people do care and appreciate their effort keeps them going everyday.

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