Monday, October 12, 2009

How We Book in Pre-Owned Vehicles onto

Below is a brief description of the process of booking in pre-owned vehicles for the internet. (,,, etc.)

After the car has been inspected and detailed, the vehicle barcode is scanned into a handheld computer. The computer identifies the year, make, and model of the vehicle using the VIN number. The accessories and features are then manually added into the system. After all the information for the automobile is entered, it is now time to take pictures of the vehicle with the camera that is built into the handheld computer.

Once this process is finished, the handheld computer is plugged into a printer via USB port. The appropriate Window Stickers are entered into the printer. Certified pre-owned vehicles require specialized stickers.  The data is printed onto the stickers and placed on the vehicles driver-side rear window. The vehicle is now ready to be delivered to the dealership in which it is owned by. At the end of each day, the handheld computer is plugged into an internet connection.  The same information added on the window stickers along with pictures taken are added to the designated websites.

To see the online picture process results, check out: Pre-Owned Inventory


  1. Just wondering where you can buy that computer camera gadget?

  2. We have a contract with a company that makes this product called CDM Data. They are owned by Kelly Blue Book and do service specifically for car dealerships.

  3. VIN stands for Vehicle Identification Number. There are 17 characters in a Vin number that uniquely identifies each individual vehicle.

  4. Who is the model?

  5. The "model" is Eddie Bernstein. He is the Internet Marketing Assistant for Conicelli's.


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